Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Behind the screen

Memory management is something that makes program complex when it comes to C language.
Java hides this task and makes development easy.
Thanks to my manager, I got following link

If you go through this link you would realize memory management is very interesting in Java too.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Agile development

I have came to work at 6 in the morning today.
I am doing so many changes in the utility class which can affect so many base classes which are using this class.
I am not sure how it gonna screw up entire working of derived classes once it goes into production :(.

But thank god we have Junit Test cases, which at least at interface level assure me that my changes are not breaking business logic .

Well, not getting time at all now a days, even to write something, but Junit tests deserves a post :)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Sometime I wonder should I get addicted to something or not ?
Like, in this semester I have got addicted to playing badminton so wen friends go to their home during holidays I cant play badminton with them and life becomes so boring ........
So sometime I think should I stop myself wen I realise I am getting addicted ?
Sometime I think, I am enjoying something so enjoy as much as you can but believe me when that thing ends its like what to do now ........
But I guess this is life finding something new, enjoying it and then move on in your life.

But when I am enjoying something its like,

Dil chahata hain, kabhi na beetain chamakile din ......

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Manoranjan ka baap - IPL :P

"Manoranjan ka baap" was the term coined by some one I dont exactly remember but like as usual, our college mad ads team picked that, so did I :P , using that here for IPL.
Cricket and that too 20 - 20 is great timepass.
Cricket match every single day :)
This thing has great drama, I still laugh at incident when srisanth ( a bowler from Punjab team ) was crying on field because another bowler harbhajan singh had slapped him. We were laughing because Punjab team won the match and priety zinta hugged Yuvaraj Singh ( Captain of Punjab team) and not srisanth, so we thought poor guy is crying for that reason lol.
Another exciting thing is you can see new talent other than normal national team.
So looking forward for this second version of IPL ......